Visitor Analytics

Our software solution for visitor analytics is designed to be easily customized and user-friendly, enabling you to make well-informed decisions that can have a positive impact on your sales.

Our platform conducts an analysis of crucial details, including the count of visitors through tracking maps to recognize the movement of traffic, and the characteristics and actions of customers. This simplifies the process for you to generate efficient marketing and operational choices and comprehend their corresponding outcomes.

Visitor Analytics

Measure, Define & Improve...!


Fast growing companies rely on data to make important and strategic decisions to stay ahead of the game. At ibTech, we believe that every retailer has the right to have easy access to scalable solutions that can help them capture footfall data in their brick-and-mortar stores. This works as a “means to measure” data that acts as an enabler for key KPIs in their retail stores.

Some of the questions we help answer are;

1. How many customers visit a store/s?

2. When do they visit?

3. What are the peak and lean hours?

4. How to plan staffing?

5. What are the power hours?

6. And many more...

Hardware and tech features

  1. 3D People Count Sensor

  2. High accuracy (> 98%+)

  3. Count, queue, dwell, heat map, zone-based

    traffic, etc.