Video Analytics


Advanced analytics help to achieve customer behaviour, demography and many other store performance parameters at affordable costs. ibTech brings to you advanced video analytics from global players that provide demography data.

  1. Demography data
  2. Customer engagement data
  3. Campaign effectiveness data
  4. Heat maps
  5. Dwell analysis

Video Analytics Platform

The BriefCam® complete Video Content Analytics platform is an innovative offering. This can be used to track customer movements and behavior, helping retailers optimize store layout and product placement. It also helps detect unusual behavior, such as someone loitering or entering a restricted area, and alert security personnel. In total, this platform gives us a comprehensive solution making videos searchable, actionable, and quantifiable.


  • The employment of Deep Learning technology facilitates prompt examination and exploration of video footage, identification of faces, instantaneous notification, and objective evaluation of video data.
  • Helps swiftly and accurately identify individuals and items of importance and enhances the efficiency of post-incident examinations.
  • It gives us the ability to receive immediate notifications and empowers enterprises to take preemptive action in response to changes in their surroundings.
  • Users can perform a quantitative analysis of their video footage by extracting and consolidating video metadata such as age and gender of individuals, types of vehicles, dimensions, velocity, trajectory, and additional information.
  • Helps organizations to improve safety, optimize operations, and make better-informed decisions.