High-res Printing

The High-res printing system can run oil-based or solvent-based inks to print up to 185 dpi at 135ft /min on a variety of substrates. Our High-Resolution Printers offer a large variety of printing options that include linear and data matrix codes, text, graphics, and logos and assists in real-time and sequential numbering. Its printing capabilities include both horizontal and vertical print head orientations, and the latter is ideal for printing top down on flat products like plywood and laminate sheets.

They offer user-level control that eliminates coding errors in fast-moving production lines.

This technology is known for its durability, versatility & productivity. Be it clearly visible & scannable barcodes, codes on coated cartons or product information and logos on PVC pipe, our High-res printers are ideal.

Razor-Sharp Print

Hi-Resolution Characters

Scannable Bar Codes

L-Series Print Examples

The CoPilot 128 Hi-Resolution Printing System

The system has the flexibility to be configured to print horizontally, at an angle, or in down shooter position.

A 4.3” full color touchscreen provides access to the systems internal messages and print functions.

The CoPilot 128 utilizes oil-based or solvent-based inks for printing on a wide range of porous or non-porous substrates.

MPERIA Axian IQ Small Character Inkjet

Manage messages wirelessly using the optional 10.1” full color touchscreen with Orion Software