Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Experience a modern EAS solution that utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer customers flexible checkout alternatives, while ensuring that security and convenience are not compromised. With our EAS solutions that utilize RFID technology, it is possible to identify items, gather data on a per-item basis, and allow for unrestricted entry points. Our tested labels and deactivators complement our RF-based EAS solutions perfectly, effectively transforming shrink into sales.

Bid farewell to loss of inventory and greet effortless shopping.

Intelligent Article Surveillance (IAS)

These systems use the latest technology to not only provide optimal detection in store but also data visibility for your EAS systems. This is possible by leveraging the latest NEDAP iSense technology to connect all systems to the net for Fast Remote Service, Tagging Analytics and Footfall Analytics – all in one platform!

Integrated Checkout EAS

Ideally designed for hypermarkets to reduce the time taken to identify an alarm and rectify the issue. Integrated checkout EAS can be fit perfectly in existing checkout counters with no disruption to brand guidelines.

Standalone EAS systems

For those who prioritize detection, we offer systems that work as standalone with the option to scale up to integr ated or network connected systems.

Overhead systems

To enable inviting entrances for retailers without comprising on overall functionalities. ibTech provides scalable solution that are “future proof” and tailored to customer needs

Understanding the importance of total solutions in shrinkage protection, all our solutions are seamlessly engaged and centrally monitored in modern day retailing environments. We take responsibility and accountability to create complete loss prevention solutions protecting nearly everything in the store, where the customers do not have to compromise on their shopping experience.