Drop on Demand Printing

Drop-on-Demand technology is widely used in thermal inkjet printers. Thermal inkjet technology (TIJ) is most used in consumer desktop printers. However, it is also making some inroads into certain industrial inkjet applications. In this technology, drops are formed by rapidly heating a resistive element in a small chamber containing the ink. The advantages of thermal inkjet technology include the potential for very small drop sizes and high nozzle density. High nozzle density leads to compact devices, lower printhead costs and the potential for high native print resolution.

Our Drop-on-Demand technology-based thermal inkjet printers are one of the best in the industry. High reliability, low-maintenance, high-resolution coding & marking solutions are the key advantages of our solutions. Also, with our technology, we cater to Automotive, Consumer Packed Goods, Building Products, Electronics, Food & Beverages and Pharma/ Medical industries.

Reduce downtime.

2Reduce costs.

High quality & speed.

VIAjet V-Series DOD Inkjet Printers

A large and small character drop-on-demand (DOD) valve marking system specifically designed for challenging industrial applications.

Unmatched Speed & Resolution with Traceability on Secondary Packaging